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Olympus Executive Realty (OER) is dedicated to assisting Agents and Top Producers in the Central Florida market to brand themselves. To stay on top of their individual Real Estate business and expand their executive skills. Thank you kindly to the many Agents and Top Producers that regularly attend our exclusive training and events.

Dominate Your Real Estate Market with Tony Robbins' Team

OER strives to motivate Realtors® in conquering its Real Estate Market. Turning your actions into direct results is one of the critical fundamentals when wanting to achieve the next level in your own Real Estate Business. Thank you, George Yueh, with Tony Robbins team for motivating the Realtors® in this fun and refreshing workshop. Thank you, ALCOVA Mortgage, The Closing Boutique, Currencies Direct and The Grove Resort for gifting the Realtors® with swag bags, wine, warm hospitality, and delicious breakfast. 

The Olympians of Olympus Executive Realty

Congratulations to all the Olympians.  Seeing each and every single one of your personal growth in Real Estate over the past year has been both inspiring and empowering.  An Olympian is an Olympus Executive Realty Realtor who is recognized by their board of Realtors as a Top Producer. As Olympians, they are awarded the Olympian Accolade, a 5 oz. Medallion made of pure silver. This recognition is lavishly bestowed upon them by the Broker.

Olympian Accolade By Olympus Executive Realty

The Olympian Accolade is a valuable award that was handcrafted and designed for the Top Producers of Olympus Executive Realty whom are recognized by their Board of Realtors. This 5 oz. medallion of pure silver embellishes a unique design inspired by the Ancient Olympic Games and the Olympus Executive Realty logo. The 5 oz medallion of 24k gold is the highest achievement an Olympian can have bestowed upon them. This award is presented to the Top Agent at the office. 

Realtor iBranding Fundamentals At The Esplanade

REALTOR® iBranding Fundamentals At The Esplanade Olympus Executive Realty appreciates all the Agents who attended the Agents iBranding Fundamentals at the Esplanade. Thank you, Lee Ann Palmer, for co-hosting such an enlightening training with us. We would also like to express our gratitude to Success Mortgage Partners, Tammy Mallory Jacobs with Hudson's Furniture, Globe Home Protection, Carl Riechers and Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards for their generosity towards the  Agents. 

Breakfast at Bella Collina with Olympus Executive Realty

Olympus Executive Realty would like to thank all the Agents who attended the Breakfast at Bella Collina - Luxury Farming Essentials in your Real Estate Market. Thank you Dawn Roffey for co-hosting such an informative and delicious breakfast. We would also like to express our gratitude to Title One Florida, Success Mortgage Partners, Ethan Allen, Montverde Academy, Stone Spirit, and Lakeridge Winery, for their lavish generosity towards the Agents.


Olympus Executive Realty is always proud and excited when one of our Agents makes an achievement. We are blessed and humbled to congratulate three 2017 RALSC Multi-Million Dollar Producers. It’s both impressive and inspirational to watch how they’ve steadily advanced in their Real Estate business. Congratulations Nancy Pruitt, PA, Mary Delli-Veneri Poillion, PA, and Reto Badraun, PA on your continued success.

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