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Executive Agents prepare to expand your career persona with Olympus Executive Realty (OER). Prepare to earn 100% Commission on the first day you unite with OER.    

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*Experienced Broker and Office Staff  

*100% residential commissions 

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*No cap requirements or yearly commission resets  

*OER marketing and iBranding materials   

A key fundamental aspect of OER is we are Home of Top Producers who are recognized by their Board of REALTORS®. OER strives to bring unity to all of Florida’s Real Estate Agents by providing experience and knowledge that represents our Agents with absolute transparency, honesty, and commitment. We view ourselves as partners with our Agents, our employees, and our community.

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The advantage for you at Olympus is we acquire the knowledge and background you, the Agent, needs, which includes real-life experiences that you encounter every day with clients and other Agents in the business.    

At Olympus, we accommodate full-time Agents and part-time Agents.  

 If you would like to become an Executive Agent at Olympus and earn 100% commission, unite with us today by calling or by submitting a Unite With Olympus inquiry. 

100% Commission | Real Estate FL | Brokerage

100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage in Orlando If you would like to become an Executive Agent of Olympus and earn 100% commission, unite with us today by calling or by submitting a Unite With Olympus inquiry. Olympus Executive Realty dedicates to assisting Agents and Top Producers in the Central Florida market. Olympus Executive Realty INC. in Orlando, 100% Commission in Orlando, Real Estate in Orlando.

100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage in Orlando

Vick Pacheco is the Managing Broker of Olympus Executive Realty.  

Vick has been an entrepreneur and a business Owner since 1991. He started as an Operator/Owner to a large Commercial Maintenance Company. He progressed as a Developer/Owner for a successful National Restaurant Franchise Chain starting in Dr. Phillips, Florida. After opening his first store, he took his marketing strategies and concepts to Corporate to assist in expanding the franchise. This unlocked doors for him to bolster his marketing creativity in four significant areas in New York until 2012.  

Vick launched his Real Estate career in 2007 at a franchise Brokerage that earned him only 19% of his first total commission. After several years of achieving countless deals and engaging with other Agents, he knew there had to be a more effective way. Therefore, the inquisition began.  

Vick’s transitioned to a 100% commission company with much hesitation, countless questions, and unbelievable amounts of doubts. He spent close to 18 months formulating a branding technique to self-generate, without ever having to buy a lead. With the plan in place, the calls began rolling in from Canadian investors. He started with buyers who were only interested in under 150k homes and eventually worked with buyers only wanting to purchase homes no less than 550K.  

In 2013, Vick ranked 5th with 11 million-plus in sales, in a single office with over 1,000 Agents. In 2014, he conquered the prime spot with 16 million-plus in personal sales, having no team or Agent partner in the business in the Orlando office. This success prompted him to receive an award of one of the unique accolades in the industry, the elusive Greater Orlando Builders Association Major Achievement (GOBA) REALTOR® Partner Award. He is a Top Producer with the Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association (ORRA) and has the GOLD Top Producer by ORRA for sales of 12 million or more in a single year.  

It was at that time, Vick’s intention to further educate himself with the knowledge of operating a successful Brokerage through the eyes of an Agent and experiences. He promptly got his Broker’s license, along with the Senior Real Estate Specialist® (SRES) Designation, NAR’s Green Designation, Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist® (CLHMS) Designation, Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource® (SFR) Certification, and the At Home with Diversity® (AHWD) Certification. He didn’t realize it then, but the following three years were going to be the education of a lifetime. Learning the dos and don’t of how every 100% commission Brokerage in the region operates by picking them all apart and creating the ideal hybrid model.  

Vick’s marketing techniques have been excellent, generating him $50 million in personal sales with a 100% commission payout. His marketing and branding techniques also paid big to an undisclosed Brokerage with yielded $381 million in sales in a 40-month window. He appreciates teaching and sharing his marketing and branding methods to Agents in the Central Florida market.  

On November 1, 2017, Olympus Executive Realty opened its doors. From the start, the concept was attracting Top Producers in the industry. Vick’s relationships and reputation among all the builders and many others in the Real Estate market are legendary to him and his Agents. His marketing strategies, along with his background in the Real Estate, are a fundamental asset to the continuous expansion of the Brokerage. He was the 2017 committee chair for Social Media at ORRA appointed by the President, and appointed by the 2018 REALTORS® Association of Lake and Sumter Counties (RALSC) President and unanimously voted in by the Board Of Directors (BOD) as a 2019 Director.  He currently sits on the 2020 BOD for the Asian Real Estate Association of America Orlando Chapter.  
Vick loves a good laugh, but exceedingly he is authentic, honorable, and one of the uttermost charismatic people you may ever encounter. He values in assisting his REALTORS® succeed by providing them with the essential tools to conquer their Real Estate career.

100% Commission | Real Estate FL

100% Commission | Real Estate FL 

Melanie Bigio is the Executive Director of Olympus Executive Realty.

Melanie is a graduate of the University of Central Florida, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the College of Science. She also obtains a license as a Registered Pharmacy Technician from the University of Florida and holds a Sales Associate license in Real Estate. Even though her career path deflected towards Real Estate, she enjoys servicing others. She is currently taking multiple courses through Harvard University to further her knowledge to better assist and empower the Executive Agents at Olympus Executive Realty.

Melanie launched her Real Estate career in June 2014 when she united and helped open the doors for an undisclosed Brokerage in Central Florida. She began as an intern and was promptly promoted to Administrative Assistant and shortly advanced as the Office Manager. She managed an office that yielded over $381 million in sales, while finalizing the Agents transactions to certify compliance with DBPR, FREC, and RESPA. Furthermore, she processed the Agents commission checks, whether it was Paid At Closings (PAC) or Standard Funding, all while keeping the Brokerage finances, paperwork, and systems uninterrupted. In addition to interviewing new Agents, maintaining ongoing license relationship status with DBPR and the Board of REALTORS®. She executed this all while expeditiously answering the Agent questions, telephone calls, receiving and sending faxes, and E-mails daily.

Melanie was also one of the creative consultants to the Brokerage; she contributed to the planning of several highly visible Agent training, events, and galas. This involvement allowed her to expand her creativity while leaving an imprint on all the Agents that attended.

Melanie resigned from her position as the Office Manager on August 1, 2017, to further her education. That eventually led to a partnership with the prominent Real Estate Brokerage, Olympus Executive Realty, which opened its doors on November 1, 2017.

Melanie worked alongside Vick since 2014 and has become proficient in the core aspects of Real Estate. Along with her experiences and dedication to the Agents, she is a significant asset to the Brokerage. She assisted Vick in building a stable foundation for Top Producing Agents through his reputation, Builder rapport, affiliate liaisons, Real Estate knowledge, branding, and concierge services.

Melanie thoroughly enjoys giving back to her community with the Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter, Florida. She was nominated to sit as the Chair of the Awards Committee for the REALTORS® Association of Lake and Sumter Counties (RALSC) for 2019. She is currently the 2020 Treasurer for the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA).

During her spare time, she cherishes the art of capturing single moments in time through photography. She relishes the friendships she made throughout her journey and highly valued the continuous support she receives from her family, friends, and colleagues.

Olympus Executive Realty fondly anticipates the future for this young, ambitious, and sharp professional.

100% Commission | Real Estate FL

100% Commission | Real Estate FL 

Olympus Executive Realty dedicates to assisting REALTORS® and Top Producers in the Central Florida market. Click below to view our Gallery.

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